The Horse that Saved the Union


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The Horse that Saved the Union
By Bruce D. Slawter
6″ x 9″
92 pages
What happens when a smart, energetic, and courageous cavalry officer joins forces with a really amazing horse with similar qualities? Well, just about anything! Given the right circumstances, this team of two exceptional individuals might even change the course of history. Based in part on the exciting saga of “Sheridan’s Ride,” which occurred during the Battle of Cedar Creek on October 19, 1864, this “true tale” introduces the young reader to the richness of Civil War stories by retracing the life of Winchester, the black horse of General “Little Phil” Sheridan, from the young colt’s first experiences in the U.S. Army through his retirement after the war. Extensively researched – but written with the young student in mind – this historical narrative is an enjoyable fast-paced read for all ages. The reader is certain to come away with a greater appreciation for why good character always counts, and why Winchester the horse, who had plenty of it, is the most honored animal in U.S. military history. To further the youthful reader’s understanding of the subject matter – and to foster a conversation about the plot and the main themes of the Civil War between students, parents, and teachers – the author has included a useful list of discussion questions (with suggested answers), a glossary of terms, easy-to-understand maps, a list of additional resources, and suggestions of places for students to visit. The author, Bruce D. Slawter, is a retired Air Force officer and Energy Department official living in Northern Virginia. He has given numerous talks on the Civil War to audiences of all ages. The author has traveled the globe on business and during vacations with his family, always searching for exciting fact-based stories along the way. He is thrilled to have discovered Winchester in his own backyard and to be able to introduce the saga of this unusual American hero to a new generation.

All proceeds benefit the continued preservation and interpretation of the historic Chapman – Beverley Mill in Broad Run, VA.


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